September 3, 2018 Olivia mic


Olivia has been intrinsically linked wit the Polish electronic music scene for almost 15 years. Maybe most famously, she is a resident DJ at Unsound, but next to that she also runs her own Radar night at celebrated Krakow club Szpitalna 1—where she is also chief booker—and DJs as one half of Chrono Bross. Both technically excellent and well versed in the history of house and techno, she mixes liquid acid with cosmic melodies, Detroit futurism with Dutch rawness and is someone fascinated by the paranormal, the infinity of space and the potential of robotics. All this informed her full bodied and psychedelic debut release on K-Hole Trax, and the mix she has put together for us.

There is a dystopian air to start with, where fizzing synths and malfunctioning machines make for uncomfortable listening before jerking rhythms tinged with elements of electro and EBM being to make you move. Unsettling and abstract throughout, it’s a dark mix for strobe lit dance floors that is industrial and dehumanised, but one that is never less than compelling.