June 18, 2018 VNTM mic


DanceTelevision presents: DJ Mix #525

Warm welcome to everyone for this week’s guest mix!
Put on your headphones and enjoy the trip with a new mysterious act hailing from the sub-urbs of Amsterdam: the 24 year old VNTM.
The sound of VNTM incorporates the dark underground techno sound from Berlin with contemporary progressive melodies that will grab the listeners attention straight away. Bringing a message where a complete experience is the central focus, combining strong visuals with a unique musical identity. VNTM is set to deliver a diverse live performance with the ability to amaze a big audience.

Give it a listen and go say hi to VNTM if you liked it!

Web: www.vntm.live
Facebook: www.facebook.com/vntmoffial
Instagram: www.instagram.com/vntmofficial
Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/vntmofficial