December 8, 2018 lelú mic


Luka Knezevic aka lelú (soundcloud.com/leludude) is a Belgrade based house music DJ & producer. He started producing in 2008 as a Drum & Bass artist and trough personal evolution stationed himself in house music, where he’s known
best for a unique flirt of 90’s Hip-Hop, Funk, Disco & Acid sounds.
Raised by a singer and vinyl collector, Luka was exposed to different music genres from an early age on. On top, since his uncle was a guitar player and his grandfather well known song writer, it was inevitable that Luka will take the same steps one day. Keep an eye out for this exceptional talent!

1. Cherriep – Drip Drop
2. DPHS – Reca
3. Slim Hustla – Outer Streets Inner Peace
4. Black Loops – Inner Trippin
5. Chris Stussy – You & Me, Together
6. DJ Psychiatre – Wearing baggys like it’s 1995
7. Scruscru – Awayday
8. DJ Dine & Dash – Mysterious Rhythm
9. Scruscru – LVRZ
10. Jad & The – BP
12. Saint Paul – Naturist Behavior
13. lelú – Song In Me (When I See You)
14. Etur Usheo – Dreamin For You
15. Javonntte – Rock With It (Bwi-Bwi Remix)
16. Agua Re – Holy Dance (Large Sound Mix)