December 14, 2018 DJ Zach Moore mic


Big thanks to Jem Panufnik and to all the artists and DJs who have contributed to this podcast. And a special thank you to all of my loyal listeners who have tuned in every week, sent me their feedback and have helped spread the good word about the show over the years. We would not have made it to 200 episodes without your support! – Zach Moore

Track List
2. Set It Off (Justin Martin Remix) – Strafe
3. Saweetie & London On Da Track G-Eazy (Icey Edit)
4. Big Apple – Plump DJs
5. Get Up Get Out (Extended) – Born Dirty, jstlbby
6. Crazy (Original Mix) – Left/Right, Just10
7. Tell Me feat. Jungle Brothers & Mike G (Stanton Warriors Remix) – State of the Nation
8. Game of Horns (Iva Rebounce) – AC Slater & Champion
9. Sick (Original Mix) – Mafia Kiss
10. Eleven (Original Mix) – Yo Speed
11. Sensation (Original Mix) – Colombo
12. Metro Transit (Original Mix) – DJ Icey
13. Deviant (Original Mix) – Beatslappaz
14. Tremolo (Original Mix) – Colombo
15. Coming Up (Original Mix) – Nixon

Artwork by Jem Panufnik