January 9, 2019 Fauzia mic


TRACKLIST – www.dummymag.com/mix/dummy-mix-531-fauzia/

Fauzia is fast becoming one of London’s most in-demand DJs. The NTS resident, Young Turks affiliate and gal-dem DJ/producer is also co-founder of clubnight SHOOK, recently booking the likes of Kode9 and L U C Y. She’s part of a growing crop of forward-thinking radio talents with skills ranging from presenting to mixing to throwing parties, and recently showed off her mixing chops on a hefty Boiler Room set. Now Fauzia brings her high-energy club sounds to a Dummy mix, with on-the-ball selections and big blends. Footwork is a genre dear to her heart (she wrote recently that DJ Rashad’s ‘Double Cup’ was the reason she started DJing), so it’s fitting that she closes her mix on a Rashad cut. “This mix reflects where I’m at as a DJ,” Fauzia says, “it explores every aspect of club music from house to techno to footwork. Most importantly, it’s a reflection of me! And how I consume music.”