April 3, 2019 mic


TRACKLIST — www.dummymag.com/mix/dummy-mix-545-know-va/

Amsterdam-based production duo @know-va are in the business of fashioning dystopian club sounds, stripping back the brutalism of harder electronic genres to find the fragility at the heart of these sounds. The Red Light Radio mainstays have an economical but hugely exciting back catalogue, becoming a favourite with DJs who spin club sounds at their most futuristic. Inspired by hard dance and Dutch early gabber, forthcoming six-track release ‘Strange Days’ is set to drop on Finnish label Signal Life, and touches on the current global political climate, according to the pair. Going by the same name as their series of ‘Strange Days’ club nights in Amsterdam that showcase contemporary hardcore with cutting edge sonics underpinned by an impending sense of doom. “With this mix we explored the sonic world of ‘Strange Days’, using our upcoming release as the backbone,” they say. “It’s filled with all that inspired us, from the music that was around when we were younger and more recent stuff that has caught our ears. This will give you a good idea on what you’ll hear when you’re stuck with us for an evening.” Drawing for some bullet-riddled Dutch hardcore, Korn remixes and concluding with an Angerfist track, Know V.A.’s Dummy Mix is an example of boundary-pushing experimentalism done right. Press play below, and peep the tracklist after the jump.