May 8, 2019 mic


TRACKLIST — www.dummymag.com/mix/dummy-mix-552-konx-om-pax/

Tom Schofield aka @konx-om-pax’s first LP in three years, ‘Ways Of Seeing‘ is a refreshing switch-up of sounds. Having recently upped sticks from Glasgow to Berlin, the album is almost a reaction against the dark, gritty noise emanating from the German capital – opting instead for warm electronica, recalling fellow Weegies Rustie and Hudson Mohawke (and first cut ‘LA Melody’ came from staying with Ross Birchard in LA). The multimedia artist is returning to Planet Mu for the technicolour album, which is being billed as “a panacea to the darkness and disorientation all around in 2019,” and takes in more accessible sounds taken from trap, techno and hip-hop. That being said, Konx-Om-Pax’s Dummy Mix has both eyes firmly on the rave. A punishing hour-and-20 that slots bleeding-edge dancefloor freshness next to classic anthems, his mix tessellates fragments of techno next to stomping warehouse sounds. Opening with his Nightwave collaboration, ‘I’m For Real’, from the album, it quickly delves into both confrontational and euphoric soundscapes before crashing into some breakbeat madness towards the end.