June 27, 2019 mic


What a beautiful podcast episode is up next for you! This one comes from Erratic’s camp by resident LoKKoTRONN delivering a sublime and high-octane mix blending all types of sonics, both new and old. More specifically, this mix was put together shortly after watching the Swedish film called ‘Aniara’, which carries superlative history about the cosmos and evokes an uncanny feeling of despair and wander. To this end, the music journey you are about to embark on captures a plethora of complex, conflicting emotions all of which are truly heartfelt throughout the motion picture, leaving the audience wondering about its true meaning. Kudos to Mr. Hartinson for putting into poetry the ethereal feeling of the unknown while concomitantly shining light onto the infinite possibilities within our vast, spatial universe. Without further ado, ladies and gentlemen, this is Erratic’s resident LoKKoTRONN mixing live exclusively for The Erratic Podcast. As always, sit back, relax and enjoy!

01. Artefakt – Vertigo – Semantica Records
02. Fabrizio Lpn – Pan – Attic Music
03. Posthuman – Airwave Uranium (Lou Karsh’s Acid Flashback) – X-Kalay
04. Pablo Mateo – Cybernetics – MANHIGH
05. The Advent – High Horse – Klockworks
06. Brame & Hamo – Celebrity Impersonator – Brame & hamo
07. David Meiser – Beyond The Event Horizon – Dark Vortex
08. Ulwhednar – Through Gates Of Ice – Northern Electronics
09. Eyvind Blix – Arrivals – Aine
10. Farrago – Neotrance – Lenske
11. Phara – Bells – Voltage Records
12. Dark Quadrant – Vortex Fields – Invite
13. Alfredo Mazzilli – Murder Situation – Planet Rhythm
14. Dj Surgeles – Calculation Of The Solar System (Diego Amura Remix V1) – Diffuse Reality Records
15. SSTROM – Drenched 5 – Rösten
16. Eyvind Blix – Homerun – Aine
17. Shlømo – The Assault – Voltage
18. Vladimir Dubyshkin – I Decided To Fly – трип
19. Exilles – Changes – Involve Records


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