September 4, 2018 mic


Six years ago, Russian-born Marina Rubinstein was a raver living in Tel Aviv with dreams of becoming a DJ. After saving up enough money, she bought a one-way ticket to Berlin, where she quickly worked her way up from playing small rooms to 20 people to playing the world’s biggest techno club, Berghain.

Dr. Rubinstein’s story is a familiar one, but her love of ’90s acid techno and life-affirming rave tunes helped the fledgling DJ to stand out in a city then dominated by darker, more hypnotic sounds. Today, she’s a globally respected selector with a joyous, life-affirming style.

This week’s FACT mix is a snapshot of Dr. Rubinstein’s dreamier side, packed with hazy breakbeat, electro and acid; it rarely climbs above 115BPM, with tracks from Lake Haze, Holger Flinsch and Legowelt amongst the tracks that will have spotters taking notes. It’s one for the 7am crew.