August 26, 2013 Puxumos mic


This is the 10th Edition of Friday Podcast and we are celebrating this with a special guest from Romania, a very talented producer and DJ : Puxumos, on his real name: Craciun Constantin
– was born on September 27th 1983 from a family of amateur singers
(father-drumer, mother-pianist).
At the age of 9 years old he became passionate about drums and
african percussions (BONGO). When he was 13 years old he got in
contact with his favourite music played by bands as (The Prodigy,
Goon, The Chemical brothers, etc.)The first step towards the music
stand was at the age of 14th. He was very excited about the party
organized by the Principal in the gym hall. In 1999 puxumos
moved to Romania (Tg Neamt) where he continued to mix music at various
private parties becoming afterwards a resident DJ in disco “TRUST”.
In 2000 he starts creating his own music and along the years he’s visiting
many studios from Romania and other countries -“MOF-records”, “International Productions”, “Vasquez-Studio”, “Imagination-Rec”
, etc). His favourite music styles are: Experimental,House, Techno, Minimal, Dub, etc. On January the 1st 2006, after he inaugurated
“Artist’s Cafe” Club (Tg. Neamt) he became a resident DJ and afterwards started
to work harder in creating his own music. Soon after, puxumos was recieving
invitations from all over the country and even outside Romania (Russia at club “CITY”
in Moscow, Republic of Moldavia at club “SOHO”, “STRELA”) and the biggest event he was
pleased to be a part of, was “OPEN AIR”, which was organized on an
airport where over 3,500 people had a good time and enjoyed every minute. Also,
since 2006 he is part of „Mplus-fm” radio team, where along DJ Rammon he is
hosting “ENERGY NIGHT”, a show about clubbing and electronic music.
At the moment puxumos is working with “DEMO records, Far Far Away & Um Passo records”. As well,
he has several musical projects with more artists.