September 26, 2013 K-taif mic


Because it’s Friday and weekend it’s starting, we celebrate with another great session of Friday Podcast

This is the 14th edition and brings two talented Djs and producers from Romania. They call themselves ”K-taif” and both were born in Galati born in February ’89 and ’90. Both of them have started to be drawn to electronic music in the late 90 ‘s. Since then, each on their own started to learn increasingly more in this area. They started their project one year ago and waiting for their first release to come out while they’re working on other stuff for the future. Also in the last three or four years K-taif played at some small local parties. I think the best description for their style would be the music that speaks for itself.

K-taif (Stefan & Andrew)

Follow them: www.soundcloud.com/k-taif

Enjoy this beautiful night !