July 8, 2019 mic


This week’s feature had us with vehemence. Not was this only the name of the track that raised our interested in this upcoming artist, it was also the vehemence of a trippy bassline that got us hooked immediately! And when Daniel Steinfels mixes a Gin Fizz exclusively here on Schirmchendrink it gets very addictive too:

Hard to categorize Daniel’s music: it can be trippy, it’s rather slow than fast, it often features a driving bassline, it’s experimental, and, most importantly, it is highly original.

The same applies to the releases on Tonal, his label, which he co-manages with Landhouse by the way, another original character we hosted earlier this year. There must be something about the Black Forest in Germany, definitely a hot spot if you’re into innovative electronic music!

Guess what, the very same applies to Daniel’s Gin Fizz! What a lovely mixture of unique gems across electronica, downtempo, deep techno and even beyond electronic music. And, prick your ears for that unique Daniel Steinfels bassline! We’re definitely addicted of your music, Daniel, thank you for this character sip!

Thanks to the dear Morten Krag for the beautiful cocktail on the artwork. Always an honor to feature your creation straight out of Denmark on our channel! Check out www.instagram.com/thecocktail.blog for more of his fantastic drinks.

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