January 1, 2019 mic


Born and raised in Berlin, Daniel Boon is like his namesake, the American pioneer: never afraid of new pathways and ideas.

Daniel first began DJing back in 1997, a career that saw him perform regularly at Berlin’s Matrix nightclub before he began promoting his own “Electrosex” events in the glass house of the Arena Berlin, which subsequently took place in different locations. In winter of 2003 he organized the first “OstfunkBerlin” party in Berlin alongside his partner Oliver Tatsch. The following year he launched the “Backstage” party series at the celebrated Tresor before returning back to the club to run the “IncognitoBerlin” series until the spring of 2005.

That very year Boon and Tatsch launched Ostfunk Records, which has become one of Berlin’s leading techno labels to date. When Daniel Boon is not spinning the decks or organizing parties, he is producing new tracks. He has been releasing his own music since 2008, with work now out on Neuhain Recordings, Redrum Music, Riot Recordings, DSR Digital, Organism!, Style Rockets and of course his very own Ostfunk Records.

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