British born, Cairo based producer @shunus embraces organic elements and modern sounds to create sonically beautiful and unique house music. His productions are driven by his musical intuition and years of experience playing various instruments and genres.

Follow The Rainbow (Gadi Mitrani Remix) – Luka Samba ft. Joshua Stephens
Becan (Original Mix) – Juanma Salinas
Fatoumata (Original Mix) – Volen Sentir
Magic Journey (Original Mix) – Amonita
Worrior Woman (Original Mix) – MIICHII & Morrison
Retba (Original Mix) – Modd, Paora
Babylon Calling (Shunus Remix) – Geist
Panacea (Original Mix) – DSF
Alchemist (Original Mix) – Nhii
Sakana (Original Mix) – Shunus
All Bad Things Come To An End – Vincent Velour