December 4, 2018 mic


House #Saaldcast 639 @ Danny Delay
Desert Rootz / Groove Addicts / Stuped Kyds
San Jose, California

Danny Delay’s exposure to dance music came at the early age of ten. His older brother introduced him to the Chemical Brothers’ track “Loops Of Fury.” However he truly fell in love with dance music exactly where you should, on the dance floor. Growing up in San Francisco Bay Area’s dance music scene he spent his weekend’s house stepping to the sounds of world class House DJ’s. After first latching on to the harder more euphoric beats found in the main rooms of the early 00’s he found his love with the jackin’ funk house legends like Mark Farina, Derrick Carter, DJ Sneak. This was his music and he realized that dancing was never going to be enough he wanted to move crowds He soon became part of a thriving underground scene, and at a time when EDM was rising, his funky, jackin, sound was a breath of fresh air. Danny is rooted in that underground sound that sparked his love for house music and continues to show his unique style.

More info:

1. Jazz Thing- Dave Vago
2. All kinds of people- J-Fader
3. Keep on keeping on- Hatelate
4. Feel like dancing- Natural Rhythm
5. In Fire-Chanson E
6. Pley badu- Mr Patron
7. Senor blues- Demuir
8. Be Free- Lost Control
9. Hysterical years- Luyo
10. I want- Jonk & Spook
11. Battle raps- Ed the spread
12. Yo number 1- Dj Sneak
13. Room 28- Joss Moog
14. All up in everything- Boarder Patrol
15. All nite- Arturo Graces & Demuir
16. Rehearsal- Klubbhuset