June 24, 2019 mic


House #Saladcast 673 | Saint Paul
Moonrise Hill Material / Salin Records
Lyon, France

Co-founder of Moonrise Hill Material, Saint Paul is a Producer and DJ living in Lyon (France).

From an Ivorian father and a French mother, the young artist was born in Abidjan and raised in Lyon.

Influenced by African music, jazz, hip hop and funk are now an integral parts of Saint Paul’s music.

Since his teenage years, Saint Paul is building a style around groove and emotion. His music is produced to make the crowds dance.
However some of his tracks are intimate and ideal to listen to at home.

In 2015, surrounded by Folamour, Kaffe Crème and Ethyène with whom he shared common influences and affinities, Saint Paul co-founded his own label.
More than a record company, the Moonrise Hill Material family is born and gives new impetus to his career with two appearances on VA and the release of his first solo EP on wax.

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