July 1, 2019 mic


House #Saladcast # 674 @ Dj Swingkidd
Galactic Voodoo / Love Note
San Francisco, United States

Swingkidd started djing during the birth of the nor Cal rave scene in 1992. When the raves started getting busted, the events moved into the clubs in S.F. Swingkidd was fortunate to play & reside at iconic venues & events. To name a few, 177 Townsend(Rhythm,Pump, Universe)King St.Garage, The End Up(Madhouse,Sunday T dance,Amsterdam,Family affair,another Whirl),Gay Pride event with MAW, India & Barbara Tucker 1995, Sound Factory(Twirl), Big Heart City,DV8(lift),Ruby Sky,Sugar, Drunk & Horny @ The Stud,VSF(now Oasis), Surface Magazine release party, Macys Passport events,Snowdrift,Backflip,etc……
Swingkidd has been blessed to play with legendary djs as DJ Pierre, Masters at work(MAW,Little LouieVega & Kenny dope Gonzalez),Roger Sanchez,Jeno,Doc Martin,Derrick Carter,Mark Farina, Markie Mark, Garth, Thomas,Pete Avila, JJ Shay, Jesse James,David Harness,Neon Leon, Blackstone, Jan Cooley, Larry Reed, Aaron O, Taj, Dutch, Carlos,Kaskade, DJ Dennis, Patrick White, Cantos, Mr. Bremson, Diego Valle, Nikki Neis, Rasoul, Sugar D, Nikki Revera, Art Of Hot, Hold My Hand, Bob Sinclar,DJ Dan, Jay J,Karizma, Lisa Rose, Tommy Rogers,DRC, smile E, Terrance Toy, Julius Papp, John Howard, Nobel, Jellybear, Bus Station Jon, Monkeyboy, The Hardness Brothers, Simon, JoJo Torres,No D Lehs, George JJ Flores,Dragn’FLY, Malachi, squarefeild Massive, Ellen Ferrato, Maurice Fulton(producer of Crystal Waters/Ultra Nate), Basement Boys, DJ M3, David Peterson,etc.. .. …2016 Swingkidd was a resident at a new Monthly event in Portland called,”Family” also Playing at The Playground(w/resident DJs Sappho & David Sylvester)& Jump Jack events in Portland, October 2016 swingkidd played @ TIEFENRAUSCH in Berlin Germany.Currently Swingkidd has 2 shows on sugarshackradio.com “housetrain” wed. 11-1pm pt & last Saturday of the month “stopwars!dance” 1-3pm pt. Recently joined “love note house music” crew & new tracks coming out in 2018 on Reason2Funk records U.K. Swingkidds 2 new mix series are StopWars!dance & Reason2Swing(R2F records).

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