September 5, 2018 Biemsix mic


The 505th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite’s Choice.
This show with guest: Biemsix

Biemsix is an Italian born electronic music producer and DJ.
Driven by his passion and creativity, he started to get in touch with the
world of music since he was a teen. Always pushed by the feeling of
exploration, with a strong influence from the sounds of the past, today
he’s trying to develop a personal style that includes all the thing he likes
in music.
Since 2011, till nowadays, he released some of his best works.
Collecting a quite good series of EP. His experience in producing music
began among the Electro, Progressive, Swedish and Dutch side of
House music taking out a lot of interesting releases.
Djing in private partys that took place in the city where he grew up, he
started to spread his word and reaching a good attention day by day.
Many artists, djs and very important promoters, not only from Italy,
appreciated what he was doing and this gave him the right energy to
always going on.
2014 was a very important year for him. His music vision got a different
spin and his style oriented to a new mood characterized by Techno and
more refined electronic music.
Clubbing scene world and its culture, gave to him a different inspiration
when he got in touch with it.
After releasing “Club Life Ep” on Dj Skizzo’s label “Sk Recordings “,
Biemsix became a considerable figure in Apulian music scene, taking his
residency at Mandarino Club.
There he had the occasion to meet a lot of great artist in the scene,
performing alongside them.
During these years he released music for really good record labels such
as Monocline Records,Sk Recordings, Trau-ma and NuLabel.
Then, after some good results he got from his work, he took part of the
SK BLACK Recordings team where he released “Out from my deep” a
really appreciated EP he took out with the collaboration of the Ukrainian
Techno pioneer Stanislav Tolkachev as a remixer. This work has been
proudly supported by DJS like Ben Sims, Matrixxman, Juho Kusti and a
lot more.
During 2017, he collected a lot of good results and support, and this is
still pushing him to go on and bigger.
He joined the Dynamic Reflection team and released with them a VA.
He made his debut gig in France, in Lyon alongside Agents Of Time and
Voiski and he moved out from Italy.
Actually based in Berlin he is going on with the goal of getting bigger and
better with his music and gigs maybe (in a near future) showing off his
skills in live performs.

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