November 28, 2018 mic


The 517th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite’s Choice.
This show with guest: Abstract Man

Abstract Man is the synergy of two hungry minds, two maturing artists on a journey of exploration and discovery. Its roots lie in a shared desire to stimulate minds, stir emotion and move bodies through the spheres of electronic music. With a deep-rooted belief in the power of storytelling, connectivity and emancipation through techno, Abstract Man dedicates its performances to crafting unique, magnetic journeys formed of tripping, dynamic and hypnotic rhythms and sounds, the effect from which is an energy-rich, ritualistic experience.

In the studio, Abstract Man acts in the moment, experimenting on analogue machines in order to find and shape its voice, without fixating on trends or notions. Its creative outputs act as ideal story telling tools, often driving, highly textured and hypnotically linear. Continuously reflecting and drawing inspiration from its numerous influences and surroundings, Abstract Man is open to and ready for its own continuous evolution.

Formed of two of the three minds behind London-based promoter, On the 5th Day, Abstract Man transfers its artistic intention and love for techno across to parties at the city’s best underground music venue, Corsica Studios. Through the parties, alongside a podcast stream and upcoming label, On the 5th Day’s mission is to build a family of trusting and dedicated music appreciators and to create opportunities for them to connect with the music that they love, bringing up and coming artists to the limelight.

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Next show my Choice will be: HOBI

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