December 26, 2018 mic


The 521st Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite’s Choice.
This show with guest: DisX3

DisX3 is a project of Alexander Kowalski started 1997!!!!

Steady Motion – “Code Red 09 feat G-Tech (Conceiled Remix)” (Drumcode)
The Advent – “In Search” (Kombination Research)
The Advent – “Panther” (Kombination Research)
Surgeon – “Over Kosovo” (Phuture Trax)
DJ Shufflemaster & Cari Lekebusch – “Extended Playtime” (Subvoice)
Regis – “Speak To Me” (Downwards)
Leo Laker – “TM 1” (Tresor)
Marco Cannata – “Blood Is Heavier Than Water (The Advent Remix)” (Utils)
Umek – “Urtoxen” (Black Nation)
James Ruskin – “Version” (Tresor)
Jeff Mills – “La Force” (Purpose Maker)
Jay Denham – “Pride (It’s Time)” (Disko B)
Regis – “Guiltless” (Downwards)
DisX3 – “Bored Meat” (Tresor)
Jeff Mills – “Switchblade” (Axis)
Jeff Mills – “Cycle A1 Loop” (Axis)
Karl O’Connor & Peter Sutton – “Join Us In Paradise” (Tresor)
DJ Shufflemaster – “Slip Inside You” (Tresor)
Surgeon – “Force & Form Remake 2” (Tresor)
Marco Carola – “Question 5” (Question)
Chris Liebing – “Analogon (Gaetano Parisio Remix)” (CLR Retry)
Planetary Assault Systems – “In From The Night” (Peacefrog)
DJ Skull – “Nuclear Fallout” (Djax Up)
Inigo Kennedy – “Nano Technology” (Asymmetric)
Oscar Mulero – “Body Bag” (Pole Recordings)
Dark Comedy – “The Bar (2 Minute Epic Mix)” (Elypsia)
JB3 – “Forklift (Luke Slater’s Filtered Remix)” (Novamute)
Robert Armani – “Road Tour (Dave Clarke Remix)” (Dance Mania)
DJ Hell – “Like That” (Magnetic North)
Jeff Mills – “Step To Enchantment (Stringent)” (Axis)
The Advent – “Bad Boy (Planetary Assault Systems Remix)” (Internal)
Steve Rachmad – “Tir Na Nog” (Rotation)
Patrick Pulsinger – “Construction Tool” (Disko B)
Pacou – “T4” (Tresor)
DisX3 – “The Day Of Justice” (RawRaw Records)
Steve Stoll – “Totem” (Proper)
Joey Beltram – “Floaters” (Tresor)
Patrick Pulsinger – “Viagem” (Disko B)
K Hand – “Global Warning (Underground Mix)” (Warp)
Basic Channel – “Phylyps Trak” (Basic Channel)
Planetary Assault Systems – “Radiance” (BPM Japan)
Kenny Larkin – “Soul Man” (R&S)
Digital PrinceZZ – “Climbin’ Up The Sky” (LL Records)
Conceiled Project – “Pattern 3” (Svek)
Joey Beltram – “SW37 B” (Synewave)
Quadrant – “Infinition” (Planet E)
F.U.S.E. & LFO – “Loop” (Plus 8)
Ultramarine – “Hooter (Carl Craig Remix)” (Real Soon)
Jeff Mills – “Gamma Player” (Axis)
Aphex Twin – “Polynomial-C” (R&S)

More info about DisX3:

Next show my Choice will be: Stef Mendesidis

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