March 27, 2019 mic


The 534th Podcast of my weekly Podcast show Invite’s Choice.
This show with guest: Sigha

Over the last few years Sigha is a name that has become synonymous with forward thinking techno and electronic music. His interest in immersive sound design and experimentation combined with a staunchly British take on the genre have helped him carve a unique path through a densely populated field. Releases on James Ruskin’s Blueprint label and his own Our Circula Sound imprint have received huge support from across the scene. His debut album ‘Living With Ghosts’ dropped on Hotflush Recordings in December 2013 to critical acclaim and a slew of hugely successful tour dates. Not content with simply repeating this, Sigha spent the next year in Berlin expanding his hardware set up and experimenting with modular synthesis. Post Living With Ghosts finds Sigha more assured than ever, eps on His own OCS label (A Series of Desecrations), and Shifted’s AVN imprint (The Purification Loops), as well as the pairs collaborative A Model Authority project give a glimpse into the artists direction over the next year.

Motor – Matrixxman & Bauernfeind
LSD – Steve Parker
Deep Breath – Psyk
Acid Andromeda – Cardao
Self – Heiko Laux
Antidoto (Kirk Degiorgio remix) – Pyramidal Decode
Sonic Diversity – Joaquin Ruiz
Tundrive (Stanislav Tolkachev remix) – Electric Rescue
Leave no Trace – Setaoc Mass
Roots of Techno – Kink
Televised – Cleric & Kymle
Centre for Cyborg Data and Control – Conrad van Orton
Lost Echoes – Maelstrom feat Djedjotronic
Aquila – Svarog
Uk71R1620010 – Aleksi Perälä
Ikarie (Cadency’s Tribal Funk mix) – Bleak
Across the Field – Altstadt echo
Frontier – Billy Turner
The Path – Alexander Kowalski
Pound – Fragmentor
Untitled – Unknown

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Next show my Choice will be: Makaton

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