November 1, 2016


FFor the 139th episode of the Nightclubber Podcast series, we invited Jay Bliss to put together a mix for us. Iulian has been a lifetime music lover, fully dedicated to everything that builds up his sonic universe.
With a DJ career that spans over a decade and a half, he has developed his own style, spreading positive vibes to his listeners. His acoustic signature is easy to be recognized in his productions as well, either if it’s Jay Bliss or his newer moniker, Iovan Iorgovan. Watch out next year, as he has a few releases scheduled with labels like Autoreply or Anakronik.
Beside all of these, he’s managing a couple of imprints, having his first album published this autumn on Stomping Grounds. The younger brother, Vade Mecum, is going in a slightly different direction, having signed artists like Noha or the colaboration between Melodie and Teluric – Glueped.