December 24, 2018 mic


It’s Christmas! And for such a special occasion, we have a very special cocktail for you: “Jingle Berries”! This cocktail not only has a sensational name, it does also contain all the spirits you need for a spectacular holiday! It is super smooth but still energizing, it is festive but not corny. It’s just delicious, and it has been created just for the occasion.

Parallells, a duo consisting of two French brothers currently based in Amsterdam, delivers the musical ingredients to this beauty. The duo grew up in a jazzy and funky environment, playing both at the Jazz conservatory. Their set can be characterized by the mix of several genres with a spacey and melodic touch.

Parallells continuously search for new and unusual sounds that they use and translate into music. One of their project called “A Day At” is a video series where tracks are played live using only the environment’s organic sounds and analogue music gears.
With releases on Bar 25, Submarine Vibes, Crossings and Klassified Records, they co-founded Klassified and also run its label and the Klassified Music Festival.
And yes if it’s sound familiar, you are right! We can officially declare December 2018 as a Klassified Month, since Parallells are taking over from Rammo Music, their Klassified founder-buddies.

As a little Christmas surprise, we are happy to announce that Parallells just compiled the next volume of The Feathers Eyes including a track with RAMMÖ called “Les Terres de Tawa” – coming out January 21st on Klassified.
This super cute Christmas Cocktail has ben created, mixed and photographed by the talented French mixologist Gabriel Mancio. Check him out on www.instagram.com/manlymancio for more of his wonderful cocktail creations.
Alright, we should be all set for a wonderful Christmas Eve.

Merry Christmas everyone!
The bartenders

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