June 11, 2013 Pashque mic



01. Ulm West Deep – Little Helper 78-1 [Little Helpers]
02. Jako – Little Helper 77-2 [Little Helpers]
03. Mitod – Analog (Yo Montero Remix) [Rectangular]
04. Steven Campodonico – Goodbye Galaxy (Eros Marez Remix) [Banm]
05. Planctophob – Decomposition (Steven Campodonico Remix) [Rectangular]
06. Gottlieb – The Lightbringer (Du Sant & Xtramol Remix) [Krad]
07. Sunju Hargun – Little Helper 76-6 [Little Helpers]
08. Joran Van Pol – Faded (Original Mix) [Minus]
09. Erphun – Lie To Me (Original Mix) [Driving Forces]
10. Daegon – Selenite (Original Mix) [Darknet]
11. Mitod – Analog Recovering (Hanchi Bimix) [Rectangular]
12. Planctophob – Recomposition (Pashque Bimix) [Rectangular]
13. Victor Frias – Tardes de Room (Lazzich Remix) [Musickollektiv]


From the young age he loves to listen to different styles of music, but found his real passion in minimal techno. While making first steps as a dj, he sent his mixes to the internet radio di.fm, which were accepted to rotation on the minimal channel. After taking part and winning a remix contests at Swiss label Numbolic and at Italian net label Soluxion records, Pashque began to work as a remixer and producer with German label Frucht and Argentinean Krad records and with some other good labels. Now he started his own successful label, which called the “Rectangular”.

More info: soundcloud.com/pashque