July 29, 2013 Rodrigo DP mic


01 – Splatter, Lineas de Nazca – Terrestre (Easy Changes remix) [Frucht]
02 – Hooved – Ghost Son (Original mix) [Amam]
03 – Ilario Liburni – Kennel (Original mix) [Kina Music]
04 – Gottlieb – The Levita’s Book (Rodrigo DP remix) [Krad Records]
05 – Michael Rosa, Proudy People – Rollin Deep (Original mix) [Kote Records]
06 – Jamahr – Ask To Jack (Original mix) [Kote Records]
07 – Buraq – Vision (Original mix) [Cyclic Records]
08 – Michael Rosa, Proudy People – Surrender (Original mix) [Kote Records]
09 – Manuel De Lorenzi – Be Mine (Original mix) [Alboratory]
10 – MRDIE, Le Nardo – Desatanudos (Yo Montero remix) [Krad Records]
11 – Massimo Cassini – Amentista (Original mix) [Inmotion Music]
12 – Hernan Bass – Candy my little Nasty (Original mix) [Krad Records]
13 – Intermittent – Vandalism (Rodrigo DP remix) [Ninefont Music]


One of the youngest producers from Argentina, 22 years old, and today, is one of the most requiered artists in Cordoba city, for his energetic DJ performance, encouraging the growth of musical culture in his town.


Was a casual beginning, cause Rodrigo just starded as producer, but with his first releases on Beatport minimal top, was requiered for some clubes, and that formed profesionally to handle a dance floor, and to share night with important artists.
Dorian Gray is the club that Rodrigo is one of the residents, but not the onlyone that he played.


Rodrigo DP has an important producer career, having many releases on Beatport and all stores, many tracks or releases on Beatport minimal top, and feedbacks of the most important producers of the World on minimal and techno.


-Frucht, Monocline, Bosphorus Underground, Dootrecords.com, Malicious Smile, Lord Musik, Neurotraxx Recordings, Plastik.FM, Rabies Records, Krad Records, Lethal Dose Recordings, Plunk!, Herbst Und Musik, Nulabel, Packed Music, Shuflemood, Miniatura Records, A2 Level Records, Prestige Music, Bavaria Recordings, Bequem Digital, Drag Music, Onward Recordings, Hontas, Insektenmusik, Bwg Recordings, Bdivision, Bugs N’ Staff, Stick & Stones, Eins Rec …

More info: soundcloud.com/rodrigo-dp