January 8, 2019 mic


This week we are excited to welcome a local Los Angeles talent SiLVA. Born and raised in Southern California surrounded by diverse cultures and musical stylings she has become a voice for the underground dance culture in Los Angeles. In addition to being a excellent DJ she has a deep understanding and knowledge of musical trends which she shares with the world on her radio show Future Factory one of Dash Radio’s longest running shows. The LAMP crew had a chance to be on her show last year and we strongly recommend you check it out. In addition she also hosts Dim Mak Studio’s on iHeartRadio’s Evolution Radio. During her time on the radio she has interviewed many big names in music such as, Claude Von Stroke, DJ Sliink, Born Dirty and Justin Martin are a few. We will have more from Silva later this week with our full feature when I get a chance to interview the interviewer. For now sit back and enjoy the wonderful mix SiLVA has put together for us.

Website www.silvaofficial.com

Instagram www.instagram.com/silvaofficialmusic/

Twitter twitter.com/DJSILVAOFFICIAL

Facebook www.facebook.com/silvaofficialmusic