July 17, 2019 mic


Let me tell you how pumped we are to have our man Kevin Knapp back with us again. This time for an exclusive mix for our weekly series. I can’t remember the year but I think it was 2012 or something when I first hear this beautiful mans voice on a record for the first time. It was a track by Audiojack. From then on I kept coming across more and more tracks sampling his voice, which is one of the finest in the land in my opinion, in addition to building his own incredible library of productions. His passion for music shines through in the music he creates and watching him DJ is a pure treat. He has been on a massive run as of late and we couldn’t be happier for him. If you have not yet experienced him live and in person and you are in the US right now he is back from Berlin where he is residing (and who can blame him) and you can catch him here in LA the 26th of July @ RESIDENT before he heads back.

Make sure to check over on the LAMP website tomorrow for a more in depth conversation with MR Knapp. For now enjoy these lovely beats.