May 19, 2016 mic


Hello and welcome to episode #091 of Lehmann Podcast – Anna Reusch!

Unstoppable and equipped with untameable enthusiasm, Anna Reusch gets behind her steering- wheel, week after week, year after year. She travels where she is needed and always wears an engaging smile on her lips. There is nothing she loves more than playing her sound. This drive carries her across the country. That is what she lives for, this is her passion, to give herself and her art to the receptive and thankful crowd. She has mastered the craft of Djing, the necessary foundation for her artistic expression lies rock-solid.
On top of it, she performs magic, a firework of music, night after night. This is her art and her self-expression: She celebrates her life as an artist with her whole being, with her body and soul through her Tech-House.

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