January 2, 2019 mic


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Lost In Ether | Podcast #108 | JK FLESH

The first podcast of 2019 belongs to JK Flesh aka Justin K Broadrick!

JK FLESH is the pseudonym employed by Justin K Broadrick for his work within heavy electronica/techno – informed by industrial, dub & power electronics. Justin initially used this pseudonym in Techno-Animal with co-conspirator Kevin Martin (The Bug). Justin began his career in Napalm Death recording and writing the music for Side A of the legendary album ‘SCUM’, he then went onto form Godflesh and eventually post shoe gaze outfit Jesu, all the while continuing with his first ever project from the early 80’s the noise/ambient guise FINAL. JK Flesh has releases on Electric Deluxe, Downwards, Hospital Productions, Inner Surface and many more with many more to come.

Explore more:
SC: soundcloud.com/jk-flesh
FB: www.facebook.com/jkflesh/
RA: www.residentadvisor.net/dj/jkflesh