November 20, 2018 mic


From the man behind the YES Belgrade label, Stevie Whisper graces us with one of our most eclectic and exciting podcasts to date. Morphing through waves of dark and atmospheric ambient, to tribal rhythms and industrial, EBM soundscapes, this mix is a proper excursion into hypnotic territories. Get in!

Prg-M – Last Dance in Hamra
Sordid Sound System – Dia De Muertos
Sabla – Chant 35
Objekt – Secret Snake
Articulat –  Articulat 
Prins Thomas – Sudaniyya
A.K. (Ngahiwi Apanui) – He Whakapapa 
Sølyst – Pierbourg (Original Mix)
Olta Karawane – Nox Boy
Bird of Paradise – Tito
Graft Paper (Unreleased Odopt Edit)
The Stone Roses – Fools Gold 9.53
Marie Davidson – So Right (John Talabot Pressure Dub Remix)
Minox – Hybrid (Of A Light Laugh)

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