March 6, 2014 Max Belobrov mic


When we first came across Russian native, Max Belobrov, it was through his production work with Flumo Recordings & Multi Vitamins that initially garnered our interest. Shortly after, He spent an entire season dropping tracks on Sleazy Deep, Electronique, Union Jack, and Akbal Music. We were hooked. Belobrov’s sound is primarily rooted in Deep House and Techno but what comes out is a unique fusion of sounds that is equally beautiful as it is deep while being enriched by clear and stressed rhythms. This combination of elements works fantastically for creating memorable ambiances and can drive a tune home with ferocity. Over the next hour, Max Belobrov crafts a special 60 minute sampling of his sound making his SoundPark debut. Welcome to the Playground!

@SoundParkMusic | @Maxbelobrov

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