November 21, 2017 Rings Around Saturn mic


Beachside bass music.

Interview with Rings Around Saturn (@rdjm0):

“In my own time I make a lot of bass music like digi dub, dubstep, garage, dub techno and jungle, a lot of it doesn’t see the light of day besides DJ sets or occasionally live sets because most of it is just for fun. I thought it’d be a good excuse to put together a dub inspired mix with all original music. Inside there is two remixes from this year, one Turner Street Sound forthcoming track and the rest of the songs I’ve made over the past few years. If I’m bored I’ll sometimes just make a little digi dub track as almost a practice, I like to avoid days where I do nothing and if I can’t be bothered getting too deep it’s a fun practice to do something that’s productive. So the mix has a few tracks I put together for fun and a couple other bits may come out at some point, covers a few bpms and will hopefully be a good one to enjoy with the devils lettuce or a drink in the sun.”