March 7, 2019 mic


Contemplative grooves from the deep digging NTS host.

Interview with @ohpeach:


“I’ve been playing a lot of club sets recently so it was fun to channel my energy into something more deep, and play out tracks I wouldn’t play in the club. I tried my best to channel some contemplative summer-like feelings in the short period of spring like weather we had here in London last week.

I picture this being played in a few different scenarios – like when you’re getting ready in the morning on your way out of the house on a nice warm day, or after a long day in the sun at the park or the beach and you’re cooking at home, or coming back from the club in daylight and staying up to chat more with your pals.

All the music in this is worth checking out, but want to specifically shout out my friend Ryan Pierre’s new alias Conduit, which makes an appearance as the last track. There’s a really big track by Adam Pits, who I’ve only recently discovered but is a producer to watch out for – he also produces as Space Cadets with Lisene, both of whom are very talented. Other contributions include forthcoming music on Church by Biodive, new Philip Budny EP on Let’s Play House, a track by Fyoelk on MMODEMM which is a label I’m really into, new Slim Media Player on Pacific Rhythm, last years HVL from his Ostati album, and last but not least forthcoming Max D on 1432R (check this label out if you don’t already know, everything is great).”