June 14, 2019 mic


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Q: Listening to your set shows a lot of young classics. The music isnt that old yet but it tells exactly your story. Tell us about your roots.

A: I started making Techno around 4 years ago. Before that I was really active in the Drum N Bass and Breakbeat scene. I guess it is still influencing me. I didn‘t had a specific plan when I was starting to make Techno. I was goofing around with my instruments and it really took a while till I got something cool. Than I was releasing something and got my very first support by Miss Melera. She played my tracks right from the beginning. But as it is always at the beginning, you do a lot false decisions and bullshit. I realized that I will stuck if there is no concept, story, philosophy or anything behind. So I started to think what I am actually doing and if is it good, and if not what can I change. So I slowly got a better feeling for the productions and finally I had my release „Pulsar“ in December 2017 on JEAHMON! which made the things start rolling.

Q: Your productions and releases already gave you the chance to play in countries such as India, Ukraine, Spain, Belgium or Russia. How would you describe your development and your place inside the scene?

A: I am still a super tiny newbie and I don‘t understand how everything works. It feels like I still have to learn one million things. Sometimes I feel so stupid when someone tells me: „Dave, you didn‘t know that“? And I am like: „Ammmm no“! But I guess that is normal. I would say, I don‘t have any specific place inside the scene yet. I am currently creating it! That is my development.

Q: Whats coming up next and which future projects are on the way?

A: I am currently working on my most personal and technically most advanced EP for already 5 months now. So yeah, that‘s one of my most biggest projects that will show up later this year. For now I am finishing a few collaboration tracks and I am touring a lot this summer. I am so looking forward to shows in Yerevan – Armenia, Cyprus, Hamburg, Berlin, India again and more to come.