October 13, 2015 mic


Buy Lrusse ‘Ynyslas’ and ‘Cut Through’ at bit.ly/m6beatport

Lrusse is no stranger to the Monologues podcast, having supplied episode 10 as one half of Behling & Simpson (the former, to be specific). We’re pleased to have him back on the series, this time flying solo under his increasingly prolific solo moniker to accompany his new ‘Ynyslas’ EP on our label.

With a freer reign than in his collaborative project, his mixed bag of house, broken beats, tech and electronica has founds its way onto prestigious labels including !K7, Dirt Crew, Tsuba and Applepips, with plenty more on the way. His mix for us features some of those gems, plus plenty of unreleased exclusives.

Lrusse & Bleecker – Stairwell [Applepips]
Lrusse – Right Here [unreleased]
Lrusse – Cut Through [Monologues Records]
Lrusse – Spring Return [unreleased]
Lrusse – Part Of The Plan [unreleased]
Lrusse – Try This [unreleased]
Lrusse – Ynyslas [Monologues Records]
Lrusse & Lukas – Upstairs Downstairs [Tsuba]
Lrusse – Slow Start [unreleased]
Lrusse & Severn Beach – What Just Happened [unreleased]
Lrusse & Bleecker – Swell [unreleased]
Lrusse – Presence [!K7]

*How would you describe your sound?*

I’d say it’s house beats, fairly tuff drums and a bit of analogue crunch. Some dancefloor weight but not really trying to fit in with any particular sub-genre.

*What and who inspires you and influences your sound?*

Being a solo project, there’s an obvious difference to the Behling & Simpson stuff, which I suppose affects my workflow accordingly. I try to be more instinctive; whereas B&S was a deliberate attempt to do certain specific things, with Lrusse I’m a bit more flexible. Drums are still a key focus, and I work with audio a lot; doing long live synth takes and dropping them straight in, not quantising or syncing properly. It wants to be a bit rough, a bit loose. Partly that’s a desire to get some kind of spontaneity in the music, catch a vibe or whatever, partly because I want the aesthetic qualities conferred by my motley collection of budget ‘90s hardware, and partly because I hate trying to make things sync up and talk to each other. It’s too boring and I’m too lazy…

Inspiration-wise I look all over; the great house drum guys like Todd Terry and Kenny Dope are still huge influences, I love the stuff that people like Max Graef and Glenn Astro are doing these days, and right now I’m listening to a lot of early ‘80s, slightly avant-garde synth-pop – David Sylvian, Brian Eno, the really early Human League stuff.

*Can you tell us a little about this mix and what it means to you?*
This mix is combines solo stuff and some collabs I’ve done with friends: Bleecker, Lukas and James Fox under his Severn Beach guise.It was fun because there’s no overarching stylistic angle to the Lrusse stuff – so it was interesting to see if I could make it sit together in some reasonably cohesive whole. I think it works…