March 6, 2019 mic


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@girlsoftheinternet is the sound of a music-industry long-timer reinventing themselves, indulging their love of classic disco house while also producing soulful live organic cuts. Their mix for us is a riotous journey through house music.

*How would you describe your sound?*

Patrick Adams making records for Dance Mania.

*What and who inspires you and influences your sound?*

The biggest influence for me right now is seeing people enjoy our music, it completely blows me away when people message to say they like our stuff, especially when women or members of the LGBTQ+ community. Electronic music is such a horrible schlong fest, and so many of the male DJs act so horrendously in the way they treat women at shows. It’s great to know we’re appealing to more than just banty lads.

Anybody who has ever met me will know how important Stereolab are to me, as I’ve probably tried to shame you into listening to them at some point. I love Chaka Khan, Patrick Adams.. Some of my early influences in house were Pepe Bradock, Cajual, Basic Channel, Armand Van Helden, Henry Street, Masters At Work…

What I take away from other people’s music is how certain sounds work together; how a drum hit and a weird noise work together in a Prince record, or how a saturated kick in a Green Velvet record affects the mood of the track is where my brain goes.

*Can you tell us a little about this mix and what it means to you?*

It’s mainly sample based stuff we’re releasing on the run up to our debut album. Normally we work with musicians and vocalists, but I’m completely obsessed with ‘90s disco house, so I made a load of tracks while the album comes together. Frankie Knuckles and Ron Hardy looping disco records was what started everything — disco loops and drum machines are the purest form of house music as far as I’m concerned. House should be fun, and I wanted to try and convey the fun side of Girls’ with these EPs. I feel like I’m cheating when I sample other people’s music, which is why I try and call it an ‘edit’ or ‘mixtape’ when I’m looping other people’s work.

The non-sample, full band, full production stuff is; our debut single ‘When U Go’ which got picked up by Classic, which is the first full piece of music I made myself. ‘Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent’, which we self released last year, and it’s already been licensed for a few big compilations this year. The last track on the mix is called ‘Humble’ and features ex-Brand New Heavies vocalist and one of my good buddies Linda Muriel. It’s a 2-steppy garage-ish thing. I made a version with live instruments, but I’ve ended up using the demo version with me playing everything on keyboard for the album, as it was impactful than the live version. Oh also, there is a remix of a track I made with the Ballroom MC Princess Precious Ebony, who features heavily on the Viceland documentary series ’My House’.


1. Girls of the Internet – Operating Thetan [Drab Queen]
2. Girls of the Internet – When U Go [Classic]
3. Girls of the Internet – Honesty & Truth [Drab Queen]
4. Janet Jackson – All For You (Girls’ Edit Edit) [No Label]
5. Oral Caress – Charlie’s Angels (Girls’ Edit) [P&P Records]
6. Girls of the Internet featuring Gershom Brown – Fondness Makes The Heart Grow Absent [Drab Queen]
7. Girls of the Internet – Trophy Wife [Drab Queen]
8. Mariah Carey – GTFO (Girls’ Whistle Register Remix) [No Label]
9. Girls of the Internet featuring Princess Precious Ebony – Your Love (Sports Mix) [Drab Queen]
10. Nancy Martin – Can’t Believe (Girls’ Edit) [No Label]
11. Girls of the Internet – I Need dUb [Drab Queen]
12. Girls of the Internet – Flat Earth Society [Drab Queen]
13. Girls of the Internet – L.A.R.P. [Drab Queen]
14. Girls of the Internet – Heaven In Your Arms [Drab Queen]
15. Girls of the Internet – Remember My Dub [Drab Queen]
16. Girls of the Internet featuring Linda Muriel – HUMBLE [Drab Queen]