February 20, 2014 N/A mic


This closer was one that had to be left for last. Naveen G is no newcomer to the scene. He had a proper start back in ’96. Not only that but some of his very first productions were used on the infallible Global Underground mix compilation series. There is a specific reason why we asked Naveen G to close out our Season One Finale. Throughout all of 2013, Naveen’s mixes were easily some of the most played here in our office. His sound transcends the word “genre” and his track selection from mix to mix has been as close to immaculate as one could imagine. Naveen doesn’t get caught up in the nonsense of playing the freshest promos either. He is equally fantastic technically as he is musically. Furthermore, he is no stranger to the skies. He’s hit dance floors all across the world from South America to Asia alongside some of the industry’s most influential artists (Sasha, John Digweed, Lee Burridge, S.O.S., Hernan Cattaneo, Audiofly and plenty of others). If you somehow have yet to hear Naveen G in his natural element then you have really been missing out. Naveen G sat with SoundPark to answer some fun questions about some highlights of his from 2013 while providing us with a gorgeous two hour entry marking his SoundPark debut.

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