October 18, 2018 mic


Release Info – Various Artists – 002 -Lehmann Musik 002

Gayle San, Dj Emerson, Raphael Dincsoy, Zakari&Blange, Ignøranz
Title: 002
Cat.number: 002
Format: Digital
Releasedate: 30.11.2018
Mastering: Sanhaji Mastering
Distribution: Triple Vision (NL)

01. Gayle San – Tunnel Vision (Original)
02. Dj Emerson – Gotham (Original)
03. Raphael Dincsoy – Stay high (Original)
04. Zakari&Blange – Energy (Original)
05. Ignøranz – #017 (Original)

After being a techno institution in Germany for more than 9 years now, the renowned Lehmann Club finally starts his own label called “Lehmann Musik“.
The label aswell as the Stuttgart based club represents a wide range of techno music. The philosophy of Lehmann Musik is to show a cross section of the Lehmann agency artists plus of course guests and friends of the club.
After one comes two. The 002 includes five originals from the techno icon Gayle San, Berlin´s „“dopest dj on planet“ Dj Emerson, Lehmann resident Raphael Dincsoy, the brothers from other mothers Zakari&Blange and the „ghost“ Ignøranz.