July 7, 2019 mic


Reclaim Your City 338 | Non Reversible (Berlin)

Captured moments while traveling thru black hole singularity into infinitely.

His set‘s has a constant deep and driving mood to it with an organic texture and fluctuates between hypnotic rhythms, dark mind-blowing emotions with hard hitting Industrial percussions.

In 2019 he has started his own Imprint Non Reversible Structures to pushing forward his vision and signature sound with focus on Deep hypnotic and raw industrial bangers.

As Non Reversible continues to spread his creative wings, expect nothing less than powerful unapologetic Techno.

Soundcloud: bit.ly/NonReversible_SC
Facebook: bit.ly/NonReversible_FB
Instagram: bit.ly/NonReversible_IG
Discogs: bit.ly/NonReversible_DC
Resident Advisor: bit.ly/NonReversible_RA
Booking: kuba@urbanum.net