August 31, 2016


Rubi has been frequenting the electronic music scene for almost a decade and has soaked up musical influences from different places all over the world. Leaving the path of mainstream in the underground, her sets are characterized by crossing different styles and genres, fueled by a continuous search for overlooked records from the past that deserve special attention. She strives to create a journey through the unknown, characterized by ever-changing rhythms, little vocals, strange drum patterns and everything that is a bit outside of the usual.

Together with CMYK, she runs Kommuna 2 and Kommuna Tapes – a series of underground electronic music events in Barcelona and a corresponding vinyl and tape label. The label focuses on VA releases of challenging grooves with a character, with the first upcoming EP featuring both a production of CMYK & Rubi as well as tracks by Tommy Vicari Jnr, Sebastian Eduardo and Christian Jay.