December 21, 2018 mic


Hey everyone! This is Sam Feldt, and you are now listening to a brand-new episode of the one and only Heartfeldt Radio. How has your week been so far? Did you guys enjoy Christmas? I celebrated Christmas in South Africa for the first time ever, together with my girlfriend. It was really nice, but I’ll tell you guys about that later.

Last week I released a new edit, I’ll feature the edit later on in the show, so stay tuned if you haven’t heard it yet. I edited SHAUN’s Way Back Home, with the addition of the awesome vocals of Conor Maynard.

My new track ‘Way Back Home’ with SHAUN & Conor Maynard is OUT NOW! Listen to the track here: spinninrecords.com/releases/way-back-home-feat-conor-maynard-sam-feldt-edit/details

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