January 8, 2019 mic


Nørbak is Artur, born is the late nineties, in the North of Portugal. His devotion into making music begins early in his life, and since then, keeps working in his studio, day after day, discovering and developing his own sound, diving into ambient and experimental techno. In 2016 releases in labels such as ‘Illegal Alien Records’ and ‘Circular Limited’, reaching the point in 2017 where he sees his recognition going further with a split vinyl EP on ‘Affin’ and later on contributed to the label’s 10th year anniversary release with the track “Gilgamesh”, in 2018 in he releases the EP “Marah” on Dynamic Reflection, “Nura” on Faut Section and contributed to the yearly Unknown Landscapes compilation on PoleGroup. Feeling supported by some of the most respected artists in the scene, his future can only be brighter than what it is right now, with so many boundaries to achieve, discover, learn and cross.