November 21, 2017 Kaleekarma mic


≈ Seasidetrip 109 ≈ surfacing emotions ≈ Kaleekarma / कलीकर्मा [Mumbai, Indien]

to sail across the ocean means also to have the eyes wide open and the ears should listen carefully what the waves whispers. and while our captain soundcloud.com/rolandson listened to the waves, the wonderful sounds of Kaleekarma reached him and which immediately cast a spell over him. he was really taken by the composition of their mixes, so that we had to take care that our captain would not fall over the railing. cause soundcloud.com/kaleekarma her music will touch your soul and will expand your mind! and that is a marvelous thing and can lead to a lot of intensive dreams and mesmeric moments. so listen, dream and share your love and support with her and us, AYE!

∆ Kaleekarma:
≈ soundcloud – soundcloud.com/kaleekarma
≈ facebook – www.facebook.com/kaleekarma/

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