December 11, 2016 Joker & Rough mic


Joker & Rough, first discovered their shared love for electronic music in their early years. In 2006 the long-time friends decided to take this love a step further and became a DJ-Duo. The Duo is made of two very different characters. There is Tristan, who grew up in a family of musicians who had extensive classical music training as a child and whose musical skills can be traced to his performances at many concerts in his early years. And then there is Raphael, who grew up in a family, where music was not performed apart from singing occasionally in the shower. Raphael‘s taste for music developed later through Tristan, when they would hang out together listening to old school hip hop for hours. Tristan’s musical skills and love for detail joined Raphael‘s high ambition and formed a project called Joker & Rough. Joker & Rough’s diverse musical styles range from UK garage, moving to Berlin tech house, to deep house from all over the world. From this aural symbiosis both artists have developed their own interpretations of electronic dance music. Their blissful sets of new individual sounds represent their diverse tastes, how their styles complement each other, and underline their undoubted passion for house music in all of its glorious forms.