Artur Achziger was born 1993 in Ostercappeln / Germany. Music was from then on part of his life and vice versa. His older brother and his cousin were DJs in the House- & Techno genre.

The fundament of his future development in music was accompanied by them but started with the piano: At that time he was six years and learned for over 12 years playing this instrument in genres like Classic and Jazz. Within this period he participated successfully at several piano contests. In 2011 he began using Decks and started exploring a new way of making music. With Ableton Live, which he has encountered in 2014, he started producing on his own and after six months he released his first track on Syncope Recordz.

On 2015 he participated and won at a local DJ-Contest in the Club named Dr. Vogel.

After this Ryan Stephens, the organiser of SOUNDBOUTIQUE, took notice of Artur Achziger and from that moment on he started to play besides big names of the scene like Lexer, Tinush, and more.