Jeroen Search [ Figure SPC / M_REC LTD ] Netherlands

From the age of 15 years old he started dj-ing at a friends place, ending up buying himself a set of decks not long after. Early 90s Jeroen got into contact with the upcoming house music and got into it from that moment on. Meeting DJ Misjah in 1993 was his first opportunity to translate his thoughts into music and their cooperation resulted in some of the first X-Trax records releases (at that time his alias was DJ Groovehead).
Because of the strong desire of releasing his own musical thoughts the record label “Search” was founded.
The Search imprint was a vessel to express his artistic point of view. Strongly influenced by the likes of Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and the Detroit sound he developed his own unique recognizable sound, which is best to be described as minimal techno. Using a lot of hardware in the studio Recording tracks in one take, doing all the edits live while recording is not the most usual way of recording nowadays but doing it for as long as he produces music, Jeroen got quite skilled in it. Always trying to get the maximum out of a minimum setup of equipment means pushing yourself to be creative, and to never give up.
One of the highlights in his musical career was releasing on Jeff Mills’ 6277/Axis records, the New Reality ep (solo) and the Martian Mystique (as Counterpart).
In 2003 Jeroen teamed up with Dimi Angélis and together they are “Counterpart” and also did various releases under the names Dimi & Jeroen.
They decided to start perform as a liveact, but doing it in a different way you nowadays usually see, it is a combination of hardware and a laptop. No complete tracks are prepared, the tracks are made on stage, so every set stands on it’s own. In 2009 the highly acclaimed 3×12 inch on Figure SPC was released and got supported by many and eventually led to his first solo liveset at Berghain Berlin.
Jeroen is also doing solo livesets the same way as in Counterpart so he uses a lot of hardware, and besides some released tracks it is full of exclusive material. Preparing a new set for every gig keeps things special and really works on stage.