January 10, 2019 mic


Naturally born and raised in Transylvania Romania with a lot of passion for music since I was a child in music school studying piano.
Back in 2006 I decided to make my own music, and I bought a pair of Technics turntable and I start to learn how to become a dj.
In the next year 2007 I moved to Jersey Channel Islands where I had the chance after few weeks to have my residency in one of the clubs there.
Having some performances around Europe at few festivals( Sonar off, Monegros, Electric Castle,Reasons)
I think to make people happy and giving them those goosebumps when you’re playing no matter is 2000 or 50 people in the venue is the best feeling like a dj.
Last year I decided to start producing my own sound and tracks, my EP Ecouri Paralele comes out in August.
In the last year I established my headquarter in London and now I got my own label Unknown Tales based here.

From very hypnotic and trippy vibes to some deeply groovy sounds spiced with techno minimal house and some microhouse fills”: this is how you can categories my music.
Music is art and art is everywhere!
Find him on:
– Soundcloud: www.soundcloud.com/sorinsimon
– Facebook: www.facebook.com/s0rinsim0n
Soundroom on facebook : www.facebook.com/soundroompodcast/