live recorded at Festplatten Family Night

For the first Festplatten Night in 2017 the Teichmann Brothers invited 3 friends and fellows and grande dames of techno culture to the Suicide Circus.
DJ and musician Electric Indigo is a key figure of the austrian electronic culture.
She´s an awarded musician and networker, her dj sets reflect a deep understanding of music, always in search of fresh sound and rhythm textures in the techno context.
Her longtime DJ fellow Acid Maria is one of our absolute favorites since the electronic age.
Her sets combine the history of innovative techno music: geographically a journey from Detroit to Chicago, but also from Munich, via Cologne to Berlin, Acid Maria always finds those special link, were the 909 combines techno with this specific to the bone reduced funk & soul groove, and so creates those moments were you are 100% sure why this music and culture is so kicking.
Dj Mo came from Düsseldorf to Berlin, just after the wall. She became part and driving force of the upcoming Berlin clubculture.
Her way leaded from her first club Elektro, over the label collective Elektro Music Department to her own artist agency Media Loca and the yearly festival “Heroines Of Sound”. All this experience and diversity reflects in dj-sets, that are rare diamonds in Berlins nightlife.
Mo, Electric Indigo & Acid Maria are also cofounders and driving forces of the female:pressure network.
The evening is hosted and musically grounded by the Gebrüder Teichmann.