March 28, 2018 Ivory mic


‘Journey of light from the sun to the moon’ by Daniel Tagliaferri

Dreaming of the sea, I woke up
Illusion is like being in the desert
Midday sun casts no shadow, I’m alone and burnt by truths
But I want to believe, I want to walk
Waiting for a surprise, through different landscapes
Into the river I saw a light
Everything is illuminated, I know what I want
I know what I need
Mindfulness is swimming in deep waters to the open sea, where thoughts become sound waves
I’m coming from nowhere and i’m going everywhere
I found my light on the horizon, I don’t lose sight of it
It’s the moon that illuminates the night and gives life to dreams

Following the release of his new track ‘Stormborn’ on our latest Seven Stories compilation, we welcome Italian DJ and producer Ivory to our Telling Tales mix series.

Telling Tales is a series of podcasts giving one of the Chapter 24 family, one of our remixers, or one of our headliners an opportunity to deliver to us a story in sound. The idea is for the podcast to tell a tale; to take the listener in surprising directions from one emotion to the other; to end up somewhere unforeseen, somewhere new. These mixes are sure to separate the signal from the noise.

Follow @ivory_tower on Soundcloud or check out his Facebook page here: facebook.com/ivorymakeslove

Original artwork by Simon Vaeth.

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