December 28, 2018 mic


@a_arias is one of New York’s premier afterhours djs, spinning house, techno, and ambient. He’s been digging since he was 17, and started attending The Bunker at age 19 (sorry, Pop). He’s worked everywhere from Halcyon to Brooklyn Phono, and runs the Strobelight Network label. As a native New Yorker, he wanted to present a vision of NY House using only tracks from places outside of New York, in order to demonstrate how the sound that he grew up with has gone global.

Berlin 2000
Paris 2014
Chicago 2017
Chicago 2004
Chicago 2001
Tokyo 2005
Havana 2008
Amsterdam 2013
Paris 2000
Berlin 2006
Helsinki 1999
Berlin 2002
Denver 1999
Moscow 2011
Chicago 2000